Screen Protectors – Get Them!

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Screen Protectors – Get Them!

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Screen protectors are very smart investment indeed! I’m talking from personal experience here. My personal iPhone 5s was saved by it + numerous customers cthat come to the shop with their broken protectors but intact screens.

The tempered glass protectors are better than plastic ones. They feel just like your smartphone glass and they look like your smartphone glass. My personal opinion is that protect your phone better than plastic ones but I have no data to back that up. Glass protectors come in different thickness from 0.15mm to 0.3 mm. I prefer to use thinner protectors. They are a bit more expensive to source but they feel better. We fit them for $25. We have dust free room which helps a great deal when applying protectors. Key factors are cleaning the screen, alignment and dust free environment.

There are also nano film protectors. They are quite thin, super tough and super thin. They adhere to the screen quite well and definitely protect the screen from scratches. We have few of them in the shop and can fit your phone with one if you prefer it to the glass.

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