OnePlus Repair

Prices list for OnePlus Screen Repair

The OnePlus repair price includes labour to install the LCD and includes GST.

If your OnePlus model is not on the list, please give us a call so we can provide a quote for you.

OnePlus 5$213
OnePlus 5T$225
OnePlus 6$230
OnePlus 6T$292
OnePlus 7$292
OnePlus 7 Pro$436
OnePlus 8$146
OnePlus 7T$396
OnePlus 7T Pro$466
OnePlus 8 Pro$506
OnePlus 9$344
OnePlus 9R$305
OnePlus 9RT$317
OnePlus Ace$231
OnePlus Nord$375
OnePlus Nord 2$314
OnePlus Nordce$329
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite$178
OnePlus Nord 20 SE$181
OnePlus Nord SE 2$256
OnePlus Nord 10$187
OnePlus Nord 2T$308
OnePlus N20$277
OnePlus N100$181
OnePlus N200$186
OnePlus 9 Pro$512
OnePlus 10 Pro$588